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Make Data Driven Design Decisions

Professional search tools to guide your design decisions.

Analytics to support your engineering choices.

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Build Better Hardware

Navigating the world of 300 million electronic components can be challenge.

Let be your engineering power tool.

Data Driven Design Decisions

Finding the best part based on a single specification is unrealistic.

You need to look at every aspect of a component and judge it against its competitors. You need to view the signals from the marketplace that represent how risky a component will be in 2 months or 2 years. enables you to make these decisions before you commit to a part that breaks your heart (and your production schedule) shortly after it goes onto your board.

Filtering In All Directions

Narrowing the field of components that fit your design needs is the basis of any good parametric search experience.

But tuning filters and diving down the rabbit hole of results shouldn’t mean you have to restart when you get an undesirable single result.

Our PartExpander™ tool automatically makes your search more inclusive, helping you discover new and better parts for your design.

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Valuable, Long Term Data

Datasets need to go beyond component parametric data. Our data breaks out of the limitations of a single distributor.

Leveraging cross-distributor visibility (via, real-world implementation data (via and large databases of lifecycle information, we combine the best data sources and present them in an easy-navigate way.

Data From Today… And Yesterday

Our data isn’t limited to components stocked by the standard online distributors. We have searchable information about components that might be on your board but aren’t currently in stores or in production.

Discover hard-to-find data sheets with ease and search for possible drop-in component replacements.

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