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Power Circuits

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Composite Price
price qty
$1.42 1
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$1.58 1
Output Voltage1-Max
37 V
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5.1 - 6.86

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  Base Number X
Manufacturer Part Number
Composite Price X Stock X Description X Package Code X Pin Count X Risk Rank X Feature X Risk Rank Array X Regulator Type X Package Body Material X Number of Terminals X Terminal Position X Surface Mount X Package Style X JESD-30 Code X Package Shape X Terminal Form X Number of Functions X Output Voltage1-Max X Output Voltage1-Min X Output Voltage1-Nom X Input Voltage-Max X Input Voltage-Min X Width X Length X Seated Height-Max X Technology X Dropout Voltage1-Max X Terminal Pitch X Output Current1-Max X Number of Outputs X Output Voltage2-Max X Output Voltage2-Min X Output Voltage2-Nom X Dropout Voltage2-Max X Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) X Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) X JESD-609 Code X Terminal Finish X Operating Temperature TJ-Max X Moisture Sensitivity Level X Qualification Status X Output Current2-Max X Operating Temperature TJ-Min X Distributor X Package Equivalence Code X Adjustability X Subcategory X Input Voltage Absolute-Max X Dropout Voltage1-Nom X Voltage Tolerance-Max X Line Regulation-Max X Packing Method X Load Regulation-Max X Operating Temperature-Max X Operating Temperature-Min X Average Price X Max Price X Min Price X Screening Level X Input-Output Voltage Differential-Min X Input-Output Voltage Differential-Max X Line Regulation-Max (%/V) X Load Regulation-Max(%) X Total Dose X Temperature Grade X Supply Current-Max (Isup) X Power Supplies X Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) X Trim/Adjustable Output X Output Voltage-Nom X
  LM317A private Component
1% Accurate, 1.5A Adjustable Linear Regulator with Short Circuit Protection 4-SOT-223
  LM317L-N private Component
100mA 40V Input Adjustable Linear Regulator 8-SOIC -40 to 125
  LM317-N private Component
1.5-A adjustable output linear regulator 4-SOT-223 0 to 125

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