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Multiplexers or Switches

Signal Circuits

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Composite Price
price qty
$0.01 3897
$2.19 1778
$4.37 859
$6.56 506
$8.74 273
$10.92 0
On-state Resistance-Max (Ron)

0.8 Ω - 3000.0 Ω

Risk Rank

0.0 - 9.83

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Composite Price X Stock X Description X Risk Rank X Analog IC - Other Type X Package Body Material X Terminal Position X Package Style X Terminal Form X Number of Functions X Package Shape X JESD-30 Code X Surface Mount X Number of Terminals X Temperature Grade X Operating Temperature-Min X Operating Temperature-Max X Qualification Status X Package Code X Terminal Pitch X Technology X On-state Resistance-Max (Ron) X Number of Channels X Terminal Finish X JESD-609 Code X Switch-on Time-Max X Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) X Subcategory X Package Equivalence Code X Power Supplies X Switch-off Time-Max X Switching X Seated Height-Max X Width X Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) X Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) X Off-state Isolation-Nom X Length X Neg Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) X Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup) X Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup) X On-state Resistance Match-Nom X Moisture Sensitivity Level X Output X Normal Position X Supply Current-Max (Isup) X Neg Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup) X Neg Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup) X Screening Level X Signal Current-Max X Additional Feature X Total Dose X Switching Frequency-Max X