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Texas Instruments

Operational Amplifiers


Dual High-Speed Low-Noise Operational Amplifier 8-SOIC -40 to 85

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Total Stock 9065

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  • Manufacturer Part Number MC33078DR
  • Description Dual High-Speed Low-Noise Operational Amplifier 8-SOIC -40 to 85
  • FFF Equivalent
  • Functional Equivalent
  • Manufacturer Texas Instruments
  • Stock 9065
  • Composite Price $0.3990
  • Risk Rank 0.65
  • Brand Name private
  • Rohs Code private
  • Part Life Cycle Code private
  • Part Package Code private
  • Package Description private
  • Pin Count private
  • ECCN Code private
  • Distributor private
  • Amplifier Type private
  • Architecture private
  • Average Bias Current-Max (IIB) private µA
  • Bias Current-Max (IIB) @25C private µA
  • Common-mode Reject Ratio-Nom private dB
  • Frequency Compensation private
  • Input Offset Voltage-Max private µV
  • JESD-30 Code private
  • JESD-609 Code private
  • Length private mm
  • Low-Offset private
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level private
  • Neg Supply Voltage Limit-Max private V
  • Neg Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) private V
  • Number of Functions private
  • Number of Terminals private
  • Operating Temperature-Max private °C
  • Operating Temperature-Min private °C
  • Package Body Material private
  • Package Code private
  • Package Equivalence Code private
  • Package Shape private
  • Package Style private
  • Packing Method private
  • Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) private
  • Power Supplies private V
  • Qualification Status private
  • Seated Height-Max private mm
  • Slew Rate-Min private V/us
  • Slew Rate-Nom private V/us
  • Subcategory private
  • Supply Current-Max private mA
  • Supply Voltage Limit-Max private V
  • Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) private V
  • Surface Mount private
  • Technology private
  • Temperature Grade private
  • Terminal Finish private
  • Terminal Form private
  • Terminal Pitch private mm
  • Terminal Position private
  • Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) private
  • Unity Gain BW-Nom private kHz
  • Voltage Gain-Min private
  • Width private mm

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Datasheets & Reference Design

  • MC33078 : Operational Amplifier, Low Noise, Dual

    The MC33078/9 series is a family of high quality monolithic op-amps employing Bipolar technology with innovative high performance concepts for quality audio and data signal processing applications. This family incorporates the use of high frequency PNP input transistors to produce amplifiers exhibiting low input voltage noise with high gain bandwidth product and slew rate. The all NPN output stage exhibits no deadband crossover distortion, large output voltage swing, excellent phase and gain margins, low open loop high frequency output impedance and symmetrical source and sink AC frequency performance.

    The MC33078/9 family offers both dual and is available in the plastic DIP and SOIC packages (P and D suffixes).