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Vishay Intertechnologies

Fixed Resistors


Fixed Resistor, Metal Glaze/thick Film, 0.125W, 1000000ohm, 150V, 1% +/-Tol, 100ppm/Cel, Surface Mount, 0805, CHIP, HALOGEN FREE AND ROHS COMPLIANT

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Datasheets & Reference Design

  • Low Power Flyback with Ultra Wide Input Voltage Range Reference Design

    PMP10098: This reference design has an ultra-wide input voltage range from 19-375V DC / 19-265V AC, and provides an isolated output of 12.0V/40mA. A linear regulator provides a second output of 5.0V/15mA.

  • 220W Synchronous 4 Switch Buck-Boost Converter

    PMP9490: PMP9490 is a 225W four Switch Buck –Boost Design utilizing best in Class Synchronous Buck Boost Converter LM5175. The design accepts an input voltage of 9.5Vin to 20Vin and provides the outputs of 15V@15 A for Constant Voltage Output Application such as Voltage stabilizer or as Power amplifier SMPS, 10.8V to 15V@12.5A for CC/CV Battery Charger application, and 12.5 A for Constant Current LED Drive application. It features an inexpensive and more efficient solution to using discrete Buck and boost converters. The average current regulation loop of the IC at the output is used for Battery Charging profiling with no external circuit being involved.

  • 15 Cell Lithium Ion Battery Controller Analog Front End Reference Design

    TIDA-00255: The TIDA00255 reference design utilizes the bq76940 analog front end (AFE) IC. It measures cell voltages, and die temperature or external thermistor voltage using a 14 bit ADC. Current is measured separately by a separate 16 bit coulomb counter. The design can turn off low side power FETs to stop discharge or charge based on selected hardware limits. A microcontroller not included in this design would be part of the battery controller to communicate to the AFE to set protection thresholds, turn on the power FETs, provide fault recovery and turn off the FETs for over or under temperature conditions. A battery controller design may contain other features which are not part of this reference design such as secondary over voltage protection, gauging, and isolated communication to let the system know the state of the battery.

  • Non sync buck controller with 32 to 36V input and 29.2V @ 6A output

    PMP7757: PMP7757 is a non-synchronous buck controller with 32V to 36V DC input and 29.2V@ 6A output.

  • 40W Buck Converter Powered out of 48V Reference Design

    PMP10135: PMP10035 is a sycnchronous buck converter with 48V input voltage and 31V output voltage. Due to ceramic capacitors only this design is suitable for automotive applications (48V bus). With switching frequency of 400kHz, the efficiency is higher than 96% at full load.

  • 3-42Vin, 5V at 3A Buck-Boost Optimized for Automotive Cold Crank Reference Design

    PMP10681: This is a modified LM5118 2 switch buck-boost single inductor evaluation module (EVM) optimized to operate through automitive transients such as cold-crank. It is designed to provide 15W (5V, 3A) of output power with an input voltage range of 3V to 42V.

  • Battery Powered Boost Converter Delivers 120Vdc @ 10mA Reference Design

    PMP8956: This design is driven by the LM3481. The LM3481 is a versatile Low-Side N-FET high performance controller for switching regulators. The switching frequency of the LM3481 can be adjusted to any value between 100 kHz and 1 MHz by using a single external resistor or by synchronizing it to an external clock. The LM3481 has built in protection features such as thermal shutdown, short-circuit protection and over voltage protection. Power saving shutdown mode reduces the total supply current to 5µA and allows power supply sequencing.

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