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ON Semiconductor

Small Signal Bipolar Transistors


600mA, 40V, NPN, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, TO-92, CASE 29-11, TO-226AA, 3 PIN

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  • Manufacturer Part Number P2N2222ARL1
  • Description 600mA, 40V, NPN, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, TO-92, CASE 29-11, TO-226AA, 3 PIN
  • FFF Equivalent
  • Functional Equivalent
  • Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
  • Risk Rank 5.04
  • Rohs Code private
  • Part Life Cycle Code private
  • Part Package Code private
  • Package Description private
  • Pin Count private
  • Manufacturer Package Code private
  • Distributor private
  • Additional Feature private
  • Collector Current-Max (IC) private A
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage-Max private V
  • Configuration private
  • DC Current Gain-Min (hFE) private
  • JEDEC-95 Code private
  • JESD-30 Code private
  • JESD-609 Code private
  • Number of Elements private
  • Number of Terminals private
  • Operating Temperature-Max private °C
  • Package Body Material private
  • Package Shape private
  • Package Style private
  • Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) private
  • Polarity/Channel Type private
  • Power Dissipation-Max (Abs) private W
  • Qualification Status private
  • Subcategory private
  • Surface Mount private
  • Terminal Finish private
  • Terminal Form private
  • Terminal Position private
  • Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) private
  • Transistor Application private
  • Transistor Element Material private
  • Transition Frequency-Nom (fT) private MHz
  • Turn-off Time-Max (toff) private ns
  • Turn-on Time-Max (ton) private ns

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Datasheets & Reference Design

  • P2N2222A : NPN Bipolar Transistor

    The 2N2222 is a very common NPN silicon switching transistor. It is commonly found in the TO-18 metal can package, but replacements can also be found in the less expensive TO-92 package as well as surface-mount packages SOT-23 and SOT-223.

    Currently the 2N2222 is sourced by manufacturers such as Central Semiconductor, Comset Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, Micro Commercial Components (MCC), Microsemi Corporation, NTE Electronics, STMicrolectronics and OPTEK Technology.

    There are a few related transistors such as the 2N2907 (PNP complement), 2N3904 (1/3 the current with similar characteristics) and the 2N2219 (higher power dissipation rating).