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Motorola Semiconductor Products

Linear Regulator ICs


Adjustable Positive Standard Regulator, 1.2V Min, 37V Max, BIPolar, PSFM3, PLASTIC, TO-220, 3 PIN

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  • Manufacturer Part Number LM317BT
  • Description Adjustable Positive Standard Regulator, 1.2V Min, 37V Max, BIPolar, PSFM3, PLASTIC, TO-220, 3 PIN
  • Manufacturer Motorola Semiconductor Products
  • Risk Rank 4.6
  • Rohs Code private
  • Part Life Cycle Code private
  • Package Description private
  • ECCN Code private
  • HTS Code private
  • Feature private
  • Distributor private
  • Input-Output Voltage Differential-Max private V
  • Input-Output Voltage Differential-Min private V
  • JESD-30 Code private
  • JESD-609 Code private
  • Number of Functions private
  • Number of Terminals private
  • Operating Temperature TJ-Max private °C
  • Operating Temperature TJ-Min private °C
  • Output Current1-Max private A
  • Output Voltage1-Max private V
  • Output Voltage1-Min private V
  • Package Body Material private
  • Package Code private
  • Package Shape private
  • Package Style private
  • Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) private
  • Qualification Status private
  • Regulator Type private
  • Surface Mount private
  • Technology private
  • Terminal Finish private
  • Terminal Form private
  • Terminal Position private
  • Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) private

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Datasheets & Reference Design

  • LM317 : Linear Voltage Regulator, Positive, Adjustable Output, 1.5 A TJ = 0° to +125°C

    The LM317 Low Dropout (LDO) Linear Voltage Regulator is an adjustable 3-terminal positive LDO voltage regulator capable of supplying in excess of 1.5 A over an output voltage range of 1.2 V to 37 V. This voltage regulator is exceptionally easy to use and requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage. Further, it employs internal current limiting, thermal shutdown and safe area compensation, making it essentially blow-out proof.

    The LM317 serves a wide variety of applications including local, on card regulation. This device can also be used to make a programmable output regulator, or by connecting a fixed resistor between the adjustment and output, the LM317 can be used as a precision current regulator.