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Philips Semiconductors

Parallel IO Ports


Parallel IO Port, 16-Bit, CMOS, PDSO24,

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  • Manufacturer Part Number PCA9535D
  • Description Parallel IO Port, 16-Bit, CMOS, PDSO24,
  • Manufacturer Philips Semiconductors
  • Risk Rank 5.73
  • Rohs Code private
  • Part Life Cycle Code private
  • Ihs Manufacturer private
  • Package Description private
  • Reach Compliance Code private
  • Distributor private
  • Is Samacsys private
  • JESD-30 Code private
  • Number of Bits private
  • Number of Terminals private
  • Operating Temperature-Max private °C
  • Operating Temperature-Min private °C
  • Package Body Material private
  • Package Code private
  • Package Equivalence Code private
  • Package Shape private
  • Package Style private
  • Power Supplies private V
  • Qualification Status private
  • Subcategory private
  • Surface Mount private
  • Technology private
  • Temperature Grade private
  • Terminal Form private
  • Terminal Pitch private mm
  • Terminal Position private

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Datasheets & Reference Design

  • IC 16 I/O, PIA-GENERAL PURPOSE, PDSO24, 7.50 MM, PLASTIC, MS-013, SOT-137-1, SOP-24, Parallel IO Port

  • Parallel IO Port, 16-Bit, CMOS, PDSO24,